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AMSOIL Antifreeze Test Strips

AMSOIL Antifreeze Test Strips
AMSOIL Antifreeze Test Strips
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Available in packs of 6 or 70.  AMSOIL antifreeze test strips have two different pads on them and test ALL coolant colors. The lowest reports the freezing and boiling (under pressure) protection level. The upper pad reports the pH level and shows a pass/fail area. No other testing is recommended or required. The test strips are the only way a mixture of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol can be checked for freeze protection.

Canadian Product Code: G1164-EA
Product Size
Code Package Size Unit of Measure Product
G1165 (G1165-EA) Pack of 6 Each Antifreeze Test Strips (6)
G1164 (G1164-EA) Pack of 70 Each Antifreeze Test Strips (70)
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